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Hi, and welcome to Door 47, my new personal project.

The mission of Door 47 is simple: showing the human side of potentially game-changing startups, in any industry or geography. Arts, fashion, finance, medicine, transportation, technology, and anything in between.

Door 47 wants to accomplish this mission by telling stories about the founder(s) of those startups, and what they stand for, and what motivates them, and what their challenges are, and what they are trying to accomplish*.

The stories that Door 47 selects and publishes are narrated by the founders who are invited to participate. We only advise them on how to tell the story, we don’t change their words in any way.

Why am I doing this?

I’m convinced that we don’t talk enough about the people that are so brave, and intelligent, and ambitious, and crazy to believe in a radically different world and dedicate their life to make it happen.

These people are all around us and could inspire entire generations to do the same. However, in my almost two decades in the IT industry, working with startups and large organizations in pretty much every sector, all over the world, I met too many individuals with enormous potential but no faith in their capability to make a difference, to change the world.

Part of the problem is that we, as a collectiveness, are almost exclusively focused on the outcome of innovative companies rather than the people behind them. In doing so, we de-humanize those companies, to the point that their brands, their products, their market share, their financial results is all there is. And yet, this is not how humans establish trust and believe and support each other.

To succeed, innovators need a lot of people that trust them. To trust, people need to see the human side of innovators and believe in what they believe. Oftentimes, all it takes is a louder voice to make it happen. I hope that Door 47 will make the voices of these innovators louder.

Who am I doing this with?

I am not doing this alone. There’s a number of people that I met in life who see the same opportunity I see and are willing to help. Identifying the most promising startups in different industries, getting in touch, taking pictures, reviewing the content, translating the stories, developing the digital asset, coordinating speaking opportunities. There’s plenty to do, and more that can be done.

If you think you can help, get in touch.



*Note that Door 47 doesn’t want to tell stories about these startups, or their products, or even the ideas behind them. Amazing organizations, like TED and Wired, already do that in a splendid way and I think we owe them a huge debt of gratitude for what they do.